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SURVEYS AND CONSULTATIONS - Material testing, failure analysis. Investigation of damaged components

The laboratory offers consulting activities in the various fields in which it operates, such as the industrial, naval, aeronautical and energy production sectors.
Great importance, among the experimental activities carried out, is covered by the testing of materials and components (metal, composites and others), carried out in accordance with the requirements of the relevant classification bodies.
With regard to welding, the laboratory offers consulting services through the elaboration and drafting of specific documentation such as:

  • WPS
  • WPAR
  • WPA
  • WOPA

Among other activities, which the center carries out regularly, the surveyor – to investigate components damaged and incurred in operating conditions – plays an important role that in recent years, thanks to new survey techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and to the experience of the technicians, it has been considerably consolidated.
With regard to the “failure analysis“, the sectors in which the service is regularly performed are:

  • the mechanical industry
  • the nautical and naval industry
  • energy production
  • the Oil & Gas sector
  • the aeronautical sector
  • the medical sector
  • the transport sector

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